Fine quality mineral specimens from all over the world. We carry specimens for all levels of collectors. Please use our search bar for easy access to our inventory of great quality specimens. All our specimens come with a label describing what it is and where it is from to the best of our information available.




This is a very unique specimen of Diopside. Small greenish grey needles of diopside fill the vugs of this specimen.


Location: North of Lake George, Colorado


A thumbnail that has great display. This classic local specimen sits on a plate of quartz and has perfect purple fluorite cubes and a small ...


Fluorite (calcium fluoride) comes in an amazing array of colors. It is commonly found in purple, blue, green, yellow, and clear, but can also occur ...


These are nice bags of fluorite octahedrons. There are around 10 to 15 pieces per bag.


From a rare find in the Viburnum, Trend, Missouri comes this extra-small specimen of Massive Galena (a lead sulfide), the most important ore mineral ...


This specimen of Galena and Sphalerite is really a great piece.


Apple Green Calcite. Each piece is approx. 2"" x 2"" x 1"". Calcite is truly one of the best collection type minerals.