Wulfenite is a secondary mineral typically found as thin tabular crystals, however in this case it is presented as elongated crystals, some of which ...


This nice undamaged smithsonite is included with rosasite or .... It is a two sided piece but the main side is pristine with a couple of contact ...


This is a beautiful specimen of purple Smithsonite. There is some damage on the tops of some of the mineral ""bubbles"" but other than that"," a nice ...


This is a top quality specimen that is two sided with velvety rosasite in flowing presentation.


These fluorite crystals are not only a deep purple with nearly perfect structure, but they are also the ONLY Fluorite that fluoresces red.


Location: Milpillas Mine, Quitaca, Senora, Mexico


A very unique combination of hemimorphite, conichalcite, and smithsonite. Need a loop to see the smithsonite.


The hemimorphite from this location are well known for their delicate clear crystals that form beautiful sprays on the limonite matrix.


This is an another uncommon combination of hemimorphite in a red bed of carminite.