Location: North of Lake George, Colorado


This elestal Quartz is in amazing condition. there is no damage at all on the tip as well as the edges.


Location: Slyudyanka, Baikai Region, Siberia, Russia


Location: Baikai Region, Siberia, Russia


There are 2 colors of fluorite in this specimen. There is a yellowish-green and the beautiful emerald green that is highly sought after.


A thumbnail that has great display. This classic local specimen sits on a plate of quartz and has perfect purple fluorite cubes and a small ...


The clarity on this fluorite Cube Cluster is outstanding.


Location: Xue Bao Diang Mnts., Sichuan, China


Fluorite (calcium fluoride) comes in an amazing array of colors. It is commonly found in purple, blue, green, yellow, and clear, but can also occur ...


These are nice bags of fluorite octahedrons. There are around 10 to 15 pieces per bag.


This is a fantastic Purple Fluorite and Dog Tooth Calcite Stalactite specimen.