The aquamarine sits very nicely in this piece. Surrounded by the black tourmaline. It is a very aesthetic piece.


Location: ErongoMassif,Omaruru Dist., Erongo Region, Namibia


Location: Erongo Massif, Omaruru Dist., Erongo Region, Namibia


This is a beautiful cluster. The main Aquamarine crystal has a great termination and a beautiful deep blue color.


Cute thumbnail with a bi-color aquamarine included with schorl tourmaline and attached to feldspar.


Location: Hellertown Cave, Pennsylvania


Aurichalcite is included in some nice clear calcite crystals and give this piece a rich blue color in contrast with the clear calcite.


This is a thumbnail specimen that is extremely nice. The Azurite blades are all terminated and excellent luster. The longest is about 2 cm.


A. Lincoln Sherk MD collected 12/5/1931


These Barite crystals are not typical blue crystals. They have more of a blueish tint to them, but at the same time still maintain the clear tan ...