A crystal or crystalline solid is a solid material whose constituents, such as atoms, molecules or ions, are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure, forming a crystal lattice that extends in all directions. In addition, macroscopic single crystals are usually identifiable by their geometrical shape, consisting of flat faces with specific, characteristic orientations.




This specimen is literally covered in Diopside crystals. Luckily there are pieces of matrix on the outer parts that allow for easy handling.


This is a beautiful Dioptase crystal on top of a Quartz matrix. The color on the Dioptase is the amazing green expected from this region.


Location: Democratic Republic of the Congo


Location: Clifty Falls State Park, Madison, Jefferson Co., Indiana


It was hard to choose the best angle to shoot this piece at. The two faces of this cluster are actually connected by purple Fluorite that has grown ...


WOW! This is a very nice display piece with a nice variety of minerals present.


Endlichite is a variety of Vanadanite that is rich in arsnic. These crystals are in great condition.