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A crystal or crystalline solid is a solid material whose constituents, such as atoms, molecules or ions, are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure, forming a crystal lattice that extends in all directions. In addition, macroscopic single crystals are usually identifiable by their geometrical shape, consisting of flat faces with specific, characteristic orientations.


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Topaz Thumbnail

This topaz crystal is beautiful and has great clarity. The point is in great shape and is overall a great thumbnail...


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Topaz Xl in Riolite Matrix with Bixbyite

The actual Topaz crystal is 3x2x1.25 cm which is just huge for a Topaz crystal. The Bixbyite crystals are not large,...


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Topaz Xl in Riolite Matrix with Bixbyite and Hematite Pseu. after Garnet

This combination is very unique from the famous topaz area in Utah. The pseudo-morph of hematite after garnet with...


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Topaz Xl in Riolite Matrix with Bixbyite and Hematite Pseu. after Garnet

Location: Maynard's Claim, Thomas Range, Juab County, Utah


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Tourmaline var. Rubelite

This is a nice Rubelite Tourmaline from the famous Himalaya Mine in the Pala District of San Diego County. Nice...


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Vanadanite Crystal Cluster

This specimen is covered with small bright red crystals. It is an outstanding piece of Vanadanite. Even the base is...


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