Location: Hongquizheng, Meingu, Xichang Area, sichuan, SW Region, china


Location: Xue Bao Diang Mnts., Sichuan, China


This Piece of Hematite Pseudomorph after Magnetite is in amazing condition.


Location: LA Libertad Mine, Quiruvilca Dist., Santiago De Chuco Province, La Libertad Dept., Peru


These fluorite crystals are not only a deep purple with nearly perfect structure, but they are also the ONLY Fluorite that fluoresces red.


This is a nice purple Scapolite that has had the original termination of the crystal cleaned up to make it show better. It has natural internal ...


Location: Zinc Corp of America W. Pierrpont mine, W. Pierrpont, St. Lawrence Co., New York


This specimen has some great character to it. Each of the three Pyrite pieces are not just single crystals.