Cabinet Specimes


The actual Topaz crystal is 3x2x1.25 cm which is just huge for a Topaz crystal. The Bixbyite crystals are not large, but they are spread all over the ...


A superb specimen from the famous Sappo Mine in Brazil. There are numerous shiney Black Tourmaline Crystals mixed with many nice Schist/Mica crystals.


These new smokies from a gold mine in Bolivia are just world-class, are they not? These actually have wonderful dark smoky phantoms inside, and have ...


This is an amazing gem crystal of kunzite that shocked me when I first saw it, because it is as clear as glass - not silky like most kunzites, but ...


WOW! This is a very nice display piece with a nice variety of minerals present.


Location: Curacao, The Netherlands Antilles


A SUPERB and AESTHETIC specimen of yellow Calcite rhombs on radial sprays of lustrous and transparent, bladed Colemanite from the famous Borax Pit in ...


This stalactite is nothing but beauty. It is covered with double terminated Apophyllite crystals and small balls of Stilbite.